10 Tips to Ensure A Pleasant Mobile Betting Experience

By Shaun | July 3, 2015 | Gambling apps

In 2015, almost everything is coming to mobile platforms. From shopping to betting, every service provider has opted for mobile platform. This is to ensure that the consumer base does not shift to some other provider because of ease of access.

Mobile betting is something that has changed the way betting was done. Earlier people used to go to casinos for betting or had to rely on a third party to place their bets telephonically. However, mobile betting is in your palm, fair and transparent.

A little precaution will give you a never before betting experience. Platforms like free spins Android / no deposit iPad casino are preferred by users, where they have to pay only when they lose. Here are a few tips to ensure safe betting.

Casino Reputation

A Casino runs the app and before using the app search about the casino. Check whether they have a licence and previous experiences of other users.

Legal Status

Also, check whether they are able to provide the app in your area, so that you can contact the authorities in case of a problem. If using that app is illegal, you cannot contact the authorities in case of a fraud.

Software Compatibility

If you are having an account on a casino and want to change your phone, then you realise if the app supports your new phone or not. It is recommended to choose a casino that provides apps on all platforms like android, windows, iOS, blackberry etc.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Check if the service provider offers you an online deposit and withdrawal of funds. It should be a seamless one-click process.

Apps Vs Mobile Browser

There are some providers, who have a separate mobile website. This gives you an option to use the mobile site in your mobile browser to play online. In such cases, you can use your same old online betting account on your mobile without any installation.

Take Advantage of Bonus and Promotions

There are a large number of bonuses and promotions to encourage new users. There are a few bonuses and promotions, which are actually very beneficial. These are bonuses on first deposit, free credits to place a few bets etc.

Security and Privacy

One should understand that the credits on a casino app is real money and when money is involved security becomes the primary concern. One should always ensure that the casino app hides their identity from other users to protect them and ensures a high degree of SSL protection of their data.


The app you choose should have a large number of betting options, slots, cards, sports are some of the options. An app should have at least five options and many games, so that you never get tired of it.


There should be instant telephonic or chat support in case of a problem, as no one prefers to wait for support when money is involved. The best part of apps is that they have live chat support.


Gamble in safe limits, when you bet on an app you do not realise the point when you become an addict. So, make sure that you do not become addicted to it. Also, make sure that the app is protected and no underage gets access to it.

These are a few tips that will ensure a very safe and smooth gambling experience using mobile platforms.